Arrow Hailstorms: Full Auto Coke Bottle Gatling

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--------------------------------------------------------------- Rechtlicher Hinweis: Da diese Objekte kein Geschoss durch einen Lauf treiben hat das BKA sie als Spielzeuge eingestuft. Link zum Gutachten (BKA assessment): ---------------------------------------------------------------- Charlie Allen's Big Blast Caps are great little devices that allow you to pressurize plastic bottles in order to use them as LOUD targets - but as this video shows, they can also help turning a Coke bottle into the main part of a deadly improvised crossbow... This slips through a loophole in the otherwise very tight German gun law, as no bullet is guided THROUGH a tubular barrel. The arrow slips OVER the tube and therefore such arrow shooters are not covered by German gun laws at all. They are in fact toys in the eyes of the law. After we presented the Coke Bottle Gatling as a manually turning revolver last week, we HAD to make it shoot full auto. It works! A "The Slingshot Channel" production!