Five Fendt Tractors Ploughing Together

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This video shows five Fendt tractors ploughing using five Kverneland ploughs. All five tractors work together to plough this field. Following the success of our previous two ploughing videos, Kverneland approached us and asked if we would be interested in taking things a step further. Along with Farmstar, they helped get five Kverneland ploughs to us and we made it happen. It is worth noting that this method of ploughing was set up for the camera. We don’t usually work like this but it is always good fun to try new things! At the front of the pack, we have our Fendt 939 pulling our Kverneland RW 10 furrow wagon plough. Following that is our other Fendt 939 pulling the brand new Kverneland RN 100 9 furrow plough. Third in the line is our Fendt 828 pulling our Kverneland LO 7 furrow plough. Following him is our other Fendt 828 pulling a 6 furrow LO series Kverneland plough. Last in the line is Sledmere Estate’s Fendt 724 pulling their 6 furrow slatted LO series Kverneland plough. All together, we had a total of 1,580 horsepower and 38 furrows! Getting everyone together took a bit of coordination and we would like to thank Farmstar, Kverneland and Sledmere Estate for helping us with this fun project. Check out our YouTube channel for more aerial footage of farm machinery working. Don't forget to subscribe :-) Getting everyone together took a bit of coordination and we would like to thank the following teams for helping us with this fun project! Kverneland UK - Farmstar - Sledmere Farming - Wilfred Scruton - Warter Priory is a world class farming operation set in the heart of East Yorkshire amidst 12,000 acres. At Warter, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and efficient farming. The main crops we focus on growing are wheat, barley and oilseed rape. We also grow peas in partnership with Birds Eye and some of our land is used for growing potatoes. The music used in this video is Endless Possibilities by Peter McIsaac Music.